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You moved to the cloud to move fast. But you still need to optimize costs, stay compliant, and deliver excellence. That’s why nOps lets you build, manage, and operate a well-architected AWS infrastructure that is secure, cost-optimized, reliable, efficient, and operationally excellent. And to keep it that way through continuous compliance. Reducing costs and moving fast – now that’s something to jump for.

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How Uber Reduced AWS Costs 15% in 30 Days

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7 Simple Ways to Reduce Your AWS Spend

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Dickey’s Barbecue

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AWS Well-Architected

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Who we are

nOps’ mission is to help customers and MSPs tame cloud complexity so they can ignite innovation. Our roots run deep in DevOps, solutions architecture, and cloud management. Partners often refer to us as “the partner’s partner.”

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nOps highlights

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AWS Well-Architected Framework Alignment

View continuous, real-time scoring of your AWS infrastructure health using the five pillars of the Framework and other industry benchmarks.

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Resource & Cost Optimization

Typical cost savings of 18-50%. Monitor infrastructure changes to continuously rightsize and optimize resource utilization and cost – across AWS workloads, accounts, regions, projects, and employees.

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Security & Compliance Monitoring

Run your business with confidence with continuous, real-time notifications of security risks and non-compliance, plus detailed audit trails.

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Visibility & Change Management

Get instant visibility to changes to your infrastructure and configuration history, plus custom tagging, auto-notifications,
and Jira integration. Group 69

DevOps &
Innovation DNA

Built by and for fast-moving DevOps teams that need visibility to changes, fast root-cause analysis, and lightweight cloud governance that enables agility.

AWS Well-Architected Framework Alignment

Get continuous insights on your AWS infrastructure health for cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence. If you’re planning an AWS Well-Architected Review, nOps can automate discovery for the Review, saving you time and yielding better insights. Since Well-Architected alignment should be monitored continuously (best practices are not one-and-done), nOps provides you continuous feedback following the Review. Learn More laptop_V1-1-(10) laptop_V1-1-(9)

Resource & Cost Optimization

Monitor infrastructure changes continuously to optimize resource utilization and cost; identify zombie instances & underutilized resources for immediate savings. Save up to 50% or more with smarter planning of Spot Instances and Reserved Instances.
  • Eliminate surprises with machine learning-based detection and real-time alerts of AWS billing anomalies, from networking costs to unattached Amazon EBS volumes that can add cost quickly.
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Security & Compliance

Continuous, real-time notifications of security risks and non-compliance, plus detailed audit trails. Use the security dashboard and built-in nOps rules to ensure alignment with AWS and industry best practices and to detect security breaches. Receive real-time alerts regarding non-compliant events leveraging AWS CloudTrail. Check all changes to security policies and configurations within your workload. Manage Unrestricted SSH Check and Users Without MFA using IAM groups and IAM roles. Get nOps security readiness reports for HIPAA, SOC 2, and CIS Benchmarks. Learn More laptop_V1-1-(8) laptop_V1-1-(7)

Visibility & Change Management

Get near-instant visibility to changes to your infrastructure, configuration history, and continuous notifications. Track changes by user, resource, events, and workload. Synchronize issues via two-way Jira integration, create Jira tickets within nOps. Get notifications via Slack and email. Use sophisticated, reusable filters with nOps query language and context-sensitive and fuzzy text matching to search your cloud inventory across one or more accounts. Learn More

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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit & iOLAP use nOps to identify 24% AWS cost savings and manage ongoing infrastructure health.

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Grupo JCPM accelerates delivery of ecommerce platform on AWS to meet COVID-19 needs of retail customers.

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Uber ATG

nOps helps Uber ATG save 15% in AWS costs in first 30 days & deliver new features faster.

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